Inle Lake

Inle Lake is the second largest lake in Myanmar with a surface area of almost 45 square miles.  The native people of the region live in several small villages around the lake in houses raised on stilts.  Almost all transportation on the lake is done using boats.    Unfortunately, because of population growth, global climate change and environmental destruction, this way of life will soon disappear as the lake is anticipated to be completed dried up within the next 100 years.  Here are a couple of images I captured over the past few days of the fisherman rowing their traditional boats on the lake.

The Paduang tribe is also found near Inle Lake.  These “long-neck” women practive the unusual custom of applying neck rings beginning at about eight years of age.  They are subsequently lengthened as the female ages and are applied for beauty and a symbol of status.  As you can see in these images, they are still applied to your girls and are commonly worn in the villages even today.    It is curious that this is largely an optical illusion as the necks are actually in fact no longer, although it is difficult to believe especially when you see the large rings worn by the older women.